Nastja jewellery

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This bracelet is a combination between the gemstone garnet and the cosmic symbol for resolving fears and worries. 

We all have these moments in  life where we need a strong shoulder to lean on. With this bracelet you are getting a strong stone - the garnet - also called "crisis stone". In history this gemstone was popular in times of crisis, such as after the first and second world war. Garnet promotes inner strength and the desire for self-realization. It helps to promote your confidence, willpower and vitality at the same time it is known to provide courage and hope.

Product Details:

Gemstone: Garnet (approx. 3 mm)
Metal type: 925 Sterling Silver
Bracelet total length is approx. 19 cm
Adjustable from approx. 15 to 18,5 cm

Each piece of Nastja jewellery is handmade with ♥ and looks a little bit different! Thats the beauty of natural products - every gemstone is slightly different, so your bracelet may not look exactly the same as on the pictures above - you will get your own unique piece.