Right of withdrawal

You can withdraw your sales contract with Meaningful jewellery j.d.o.o. within 14 days without stating any reasons. The deadline of 14 days starts from the day when the customer or a third person assigned by the customer (not the delivery person), receives the product - matter of the sales contract, in his/her possession. If by one order from the customer the products have to by delivered separately, that is if the order contains products that have to be send in more that one piece, the deadline begins from the day when the last product from the order has been delivered. 

The customer is obligated to inform the seller, before the 14 day deadline, about his decision to withdraw the sales contract by filling out the FORM – RIGHT TO WITHDRAWAL, which can be found here, and sending the form per email to nastja.jewellery@gmail.com. The customer will be send a confirmation per email, without delay, that the seller received the FORM- RIGHT TO WITHDRAWAL.

How does the return work?

  1. Fill out the FORM – RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL. You can find the form HERE.
  2. Send us the filled out FORM – RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL by mail to nastja.jewellery@gmail.com
  3. Send back the product in verifiable manner and on your own expense to following address: Radonjska ulica 4, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.

The customer has no right on withdrawal oft he sales contract if:

  • If the product of the matter is a custom made product (all custom made products cannot be returned or exchanged)
  • The product has signs of wearing
  • If the product is not in its original condition and packaging


If the customer decides to withdraw the sales contract with Meaningful jewellery j.d.o.o, we will pay back the amount of money we received from the customer including the shipping costs, without delay, and latest 14 days after we received the FORM – RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL from the customer. The expenses for shipping back the product/s has to be paid by the customer. the money transfer will be made the same way as the customer payed for the product/s. We can pay back the money as soon as we receive the product/s from the customer or as soon as the customer can prove that the product/s were shipped back to us. The customer has to ship back the product as soon as the form "right to withdrawal" has been send to us, that is latest 14 days after. The customer has to ship back the product/s in a verifiable way to following address: Radonjska ulica 4, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia. 

The customer is responisble for any impairment of value of the product which can be the result of handling with the product, exept if the handling was due to the determination of the nature, feautures or functionality oft he product.

If the product is send back defectiv, with bigger impairments or without some parts or dokumentation, and if the same are not send to the seller in a subsequent period of 8 days, it will be considered that the customer did not fulfill his/her obligation of sending back the product. In this case the seller is not obligated to pay back the paid funds.


For further information please check out our terms & conditions, which you can find HERE.