About the Brand

Nastja jewellery stands for jewellery with meaning which is made out of natural materials such as 925 sterling silver and semi precious stones. The purpose was to create beautiful pieces of jewellery that have a personal meaning to the person who wears it and to serve as a reminder, motivation or inspiration in everyday life. Each bracelet and necklace is a harmonizing combination between the power of gemstones and the meaning of cosmic symbols. 

What are Cosmic Symbols?
These are ancient symbols used by old cultures mostly in form of tattoos or amulets as they believed these symbols have extraordinary forces. 
Where does the Silver come from?
The silver parts used for Nastja jewellery are produced on the beautiful island Bali. Bali is famous for its Silversmiths, and has a long tradition of silver production. I work together with a Silversmith familiy and produce my Symbols and the other silver parts there.
Where do the gemstones come from?
The gemstones I use are from various sources. These days many gemstone wholesellers can be found online. Still my favourite way of buying stones is by going to trade shows. I could spend hours and hours searching for new stones.:-)
Where is Nastja jewellery produced?
All bracelets and necklaces are made by myself (Nastasja - find out more about me in the about section) in my little office in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.